Services Offered at Louie's Alignment & Brakes

Alignment & Brakes

When your vehicle is properly aligned it drives with ease, your tires wear evenly and last longer, and saves you thousands of dollars. Your steering system, suspension, shocks and struts will operate to dealership specs when they are maintained by Louie's Alignment & Brake!


When you push on the brake pedal you want only one thing to happen: YOU WANT TO STOP! You and your family will be safer with the full service brake repair your vehicle gets at Louie's Alignment and Brake!

Bumper to Bumper Automotive Repair

If your car, SUV, truck or van needs a tune-up we can do that. If it needs engine or transmission work, we can do that! Whether you drive an automobile, light truck, van, or SUV, no problem - we can keep it running safe and strong.

Preventative Maintenance

You want your vehicle to last an extra 100,000 miles, right? Regular maintenance is the key and we do that! Oil changes, transmission service, radiator flush, belt replacement and tire rotation are just a few of the services your car will get at Louie's Alignment & Brake!

Manufacturer Recommended Service

When you need manufacturer recommended services done to keep your car operating at peak efficiency, we can do that! We can do anything an expensive dealership can do! Your vehicle will be tested, tuned, lubricated, filled, flushed, adjusted, timed and cared for with tender-loving care at 30,000, 60,000, 90,000, 100,000, 130,000, and 150,000 mile intervals at Louie's Alignment & Brake!

Air Conditioning

STAY COOL! You don't care about all those strange words associated with you're your vehicle's cooling system, you just want it to work. We'll worry about the freon, compressor, accumulator, component kit, clutch, A/C flush, A/C solvent, A/C hose assembly, orifice tube, belts, A/C charge, refrigerant oil evaporator, orifice tune condenser, schrader valves, and more while you stay cool!

Electrical System

Your car should ALWAYS start. Always, and on the first try. It has an alternator, starter and battery that we can check and keep running right, whether your car has a few thousand or a few hundred-thousand miles.

Cooling System

It gets both hot and cold in Colorado and the elevation effects how your vehicle runs. Therefore you must keep your cooling system clean and efficient. We can do that. We flush cooling systems, replace water pumps, hoses, and repair radiators. At Louie's Alignment & Brake we will winterize and summarize your vehicle for maximum driveability.